Top Five Jimmy Carter references on The Simpsons

There are a lot of references to American presidents on the Simpsons and a lot of the best ones are from the 39th President, Jimmy Carter. Here is a quick collection of the best ones.

Number 5: Episode AABF19 season eleven episode five “E-I-E-I (Annoyed Grunt)”

Generally I don’t watch the Simpsons past season 8, with the exception of a handful of episodes. This episode is not in that handful. Sure, it has a pretty good beginning, but it totally trails off. Despite that, the brief appearance of Jimmy Carter is great. I couldn’t find a screen shot, so had to settle for this picture. The Simpsons have to flee their house after Homer, who has been challenging people to a duel throughout the beginning, has his challenge accepted by a Southern gentleman. When trying to find a new house they come across Jimmy Carter building houses

carter house

Marge: Look, it’s Jimmy Carter.
Lisa: Could you build us a house, President Carter? We can’t go back to ours.
Carter: I’m sorry. These are for the truly needy.
Cletus: Yeah, get your own habitat.
Homer: C’mon Carter, build us a house, you lazy bum.
Carter: You have offended me sir. [reaches for his glove] I challenge you to —
Homer: [screams and drives away]
Carter: Come back here! Why, you yellow-bellied …

Number 4: Episode 2F31 season six episode eighteen “A Star is Burns”

Film critic Jay Sherman (from The Critic and voiced by Jon Lovitz) is in Springfield for an upcoming film festival. He impresses Marge, Patty and Selma with witty anecdotes in front of a jealous Homer.

Jay: So then I said to Woody Allen, “Well, Camus can do, but Sartre is smartre!”
Selma: So original.
Marge: How droll!
Homer: Yeah, well, “Scooby Doo can doo-doo, but Jimmy Carter is smarter.”


Number 3: Episode 9F05 season four episode seven “Marge Gets a Job”

Lisa is helping Marge jazz up her CV.

Lisa: Mom, they expect you to lie a little.
Marge: Worked for the Carter Administration?!?
Lisa: Well you voted for him. Twice!
Marge: Lisa, shhh. Someone might be listening.

Number 2: Season five episode episode four “Rosebud”

carter bush

People are queuing up to enter Burn’s birthday venue including presidents Ronald Reagan, Richard Nixon, and George Bush Senior. Reagan and Nixon are let in, but the guards stop Bush from entering.

Guard: Hey! No one-termers.
Carter: You too, huh? Hey, I know a good yogurt place.
Bush: Get away from me, loser.

Bonus Jimmy Carter reference! From King of the Hill season six episode four “The Father, the Son and J.C”

carter hill

No specific quote here. Hank and his father have a falling out at Christmas, and Bobby stumbles upon Jimmy Carter, who uses his famous diplomacy skills to help resolve the dispute. The two best moments here are when Hank first sees Carter and says with an impressed look “You ran our country. America.” and at the end, where Bobby thinks Carter is Jesus Chris since he has J.C on his overalls, is a carpenter and performed a Christmas miracle by resolving the dispute of Hank and his father. Both Hank and Cotton find the idea hysterical, and so do I.

and finally, number 1: Episode 9F20 season four episode twenty one “Marge in Chains”

Histories greatest monster
He’s Histories Greatest Monster!

Truly brilliant. The fact that the town originally wanted to buy a Lincoln statue, but couldn’t afford it so had to settle for Carter. The ending where the statue is given Marge’s hairstyle and presented and the kids use it to play volleyball. But the best part is “Histories greatest monster” quote and the fact that the town riot over the statue. The Simpsons writers really hate Jimmy Carter.

So there we are. A lot of brilliant references to Jimmy Carter on the Simpsons. It’s a shame they never references the time he was attacked by a rabbit while fishing. That’s a great story, but you can’t win it all. Stay tuned for next week additions for the top five references to Gerald Ford on the Simpsons.

History’s greatest monster.


2 Responses to “Top Five Jimmy Carter references on The Simpsons”

  1. 1 Tim
    May 10, 2012 at 07:01

    The writers don’t hate Jimmy Carter.

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